Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Week Three

So here's my conundrum...I really only have time to write a couple of posts a week, generally. So if I write about every episode of Game of Thrones, this blog is very quickly going to become at least 50% Game of Thrones themed, which isn't really my intention. On the other hand though, why not write a post? Trying to have an opinion about a TV show is mind bogglingly less intimidating, and thus easier to write, than trying to tackle the history of everything important ever. (Which, of course, is what I do the rest of the time).

I think the two most significant moments in this week's episode were Tyrion Lannister explaining his reservations about the Night's Watch, and Arya questioning how her father could let Sansa marry someone as obviously hideous as Joffrey. They're significant because they each show the moral complexity of the setting. The Starks' stand for everything that is good and noble and strong, but Uncle Benjen hunts down and kills wildlings just because they were unlucky enough to be born on the wrong side of a wall, and even before the shit hits the fan there's not much father-of-the-year Ned can do to protect his daughter from a life of misery. I think that setting is important to remember when you start considering the less "good" characters...characters like Jaime Lannister, who might be becoming my favorite. I think maybe the wry & sarcastic Lannisters are transferring better to the screen than the strong silent type Starks...you can only shoot a scene of a guy thinking things stoically so well. Or maybe I just always like slightly evil characters better. But in any case, I think the most interesting aspects of this series are the way it deals with characters coping in a world in which "good" is extremely elusive.

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