Wednesday, May 4, 2011

If you build it, they will come.

I've spent the last hour or so excited about this site, because of this article, which I followed the link from this blog to find. My excitement is probably kind of misplaced at the moment, since I'm not exactly living in the land of the early adopters anymore, but I decided not to let that stop me. I am now one of 5 users of the neighborgoods sharing system in Merced. If you want my folding chairs, let me know. (The term "users" being taken very loosely far as I can tell, nobody has actually borrowed anything from anybody yet. But they might! Any second now!)

I think the overlap between frugality and environmentalism is something that deserves a lot more focus...if for no other reason than because it's the main area of environmentalism available to me for the time being. It also helps lift all of this crazy hippie granola stuff away from it's counter culture baggage and place it in a context of the way people have been living since forever. There's something wrong with wastefulness. I don't care if you arrive at that decision from a financial point of view, an environmental one, a religious one or a philosophical one...I think it's just kind of fundamental. A lot of the things that I'm hoping to do living here in Merced are about avoiding waste. The goal is to live cheaply, make as much use of our yard as possible, and avoid accumulating stuff we don't need. One thing that would be fantastic is if we didn't have to buy every single gardening tool we need new...but the four other users in the area don't look like they're going to save us from that. It's cool to think that that might be the future though.

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