Monday, January 3, 2011

What to read...

I finished my big fat book of doom...hopefully resulting in a post about Whigs and their consequences later. I'm a little bit less than a quarter of the way into a random fantasy book I picked up just because Ryan already had it at the house, but it's time to start planning what to read next. I'm thinking I might go with the crazy assumption that some small number of people are reading this, and offer to read the first book anyone suggests in the comments....assuming that A) I haven't read it yet and B) I can get it from the public library, or you're willing to loan me a copy and can do so in an efficient manner. I'm willing to slog through just about anything, although as Ryan has learned I'm not always the most appreciative of other people's literary offerings (the title of this blog actually comes from me making fun of one of his favorites that I absolutely hated, Pillars of the Earth), so recommend at your own risk.

So...what should I read?


  1. I'm reading Game of Thrones! Child murder! Woooo!

  2. Also this is Daniel... dunno why it says Gretta.

  3. Totally read it years ago & getting impatient waiting for the next book to come out. At least the mini series is going to coming soon, even though the actor playing Jamie Lannister is disappointingly unblond:

    (The Gretta thing is super weird, btw)

  4. if gretta's doesn't count because you read it already, read this:

    I very much doubt you've read this one-
    I've linked to it's page in the san fran public library system. (so you have no excuse.)

  5. requested...should be able to start reading it by the end of the week.