Tuesday, August 16, 2011


If my blogs are to be believed, the mini-controversy du jour is that the guy putting together the new Star Trek movies made a negative comment about the idea of inserting a gay subplot into the next movie. Luckily I've already solved this problem. In the 2009 movie, in that departure scene where all the new cadets are boarding the ship, John Cho should have been shown somewhere in the background kissing another man goodbye. Mostly because I think John Cho is pretty attractive, and would like to see him in more kissing scenes in general, but also because that's George Takei's character and really nothing would be more appropriate. You could probably even consider it fan service.

So there. Problem solved. You're welcome.

(Ok problem not really solved...one background scene isn't really the same as a thoughtfully put together subplot...but still, it would have been cool.)

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